Get your quote, by providing some basic info our estimating system provides you with the finalno-depositall-inclusive  price that you will be charged when all is said and done. All of our quotes are customized to your specific needs, a few factors might affect the price in different ways; nevertheless always keep in mind you don’t have to pay anything until you have accepted every detail for your specific needs. In other words, with I MOVE AUTO You Are Always in Control.

Everyone in this industry is a broker and we all use the same loading board to move the vehicles, some of us just set up your movement directly without going through the loading board as we have carriers that we have worked with for several years. Whatever the case, it is important you know how the process works, so you have a better understanding of the process.

After receiving your request we will provide you with a price that we know will move your car for the route you intend. We do this by typing your pickup and delivery address into the National loading Board; this will give me info on every vehicle that is moving within a 25mile radius of your same route and how much money carriers are accepting for it.

Based on this we will give you an estimate, if you agree then we get your exact pickup and delivery addresses and with this info we will load your offer on the board, once up there different carriers will contact us either accepting the offer we made or they will come up with a counter offer, at which point we will contact you and let you know the situation, you can either accept it, counter offer it, or pass on it.

As mentioned above, you are always in control and you don’t pay a dime until you have accepted every term, once this is done we set up everything and put it on a contract that locks everything in, rate, date and space. There are some variables that might affect your price, but all of this must be clarified before you pay anything.