Learn The Truth About Auto-Transport Before You Sign A Contract.

It is very important to understand that everybody who is calling and emailing you is a broker just like us.  When you first fill out the inquiry on-line, it went to 7 to 10 brokers.  This is why you are getting multiple calls and emails. Nobody can guarantee you a final price and date just yet.  Be leery of any broker who makes guarantees on the first phone call. There are several steps all brokers have to go through in order to get a customer a confirmed a carrier. 

Therefore, you do not have to pay anything upfront until we have a confirmed carrier under contract and the carrier’s contact information.

Getting Started

Getting started is FREE OF CHARGE.  You pay nothing!!   We just need a little bit more of information from you. 

  1. Pick-up and delivery addresses.
  2. Contact information on both ends (Name and phone number). 
  3. The earliest and the last available pick-up date.  (If you do not know the dates yet, you can use approximate dates and you can  always change it later).

The Process

We will post your vehicle and dates on Central Dispatch (CD).  CD is a national loading board where all brokers post vehicles that need to be moved and, in turn, carriers call on orders they are available to take.  

Once posted, carriers will call us either accepting your offer or making a counteroffer, which could be a different price or date, sometimes both.  Now the true beauty of the program,  at this point, you haven’t paid anything.  You can either accept the counteroffer or pass on it.

When you accept it, we get it under contract.  Once it’s under contract, the price & date are final.  Nothing can change.  


Once we lock it under contract, that’s when you pay the deposit with your credit card and the remaining balance you pay to the carrier upon delivery.  You can pay him cash, or with certified funds such as, money order or a cashier check.  

Important Advice

It is of utmost importance you work with only one broker.  If you work with two or more brokers at the same time, your price will go up.  As explained above, we all use the same national loading board and the same pool of carriers across the country.   So, for example, if we post your vehicle at $700 and then you ask a second broker to post it as well, he will naturally have to post it at a higher dollar amount, so the carriers can call him and not us.  At that point, your price just went up and you would be bidding against yourself, while cutting off our legs to negotiate a better price for you.  It is like sending 2 guys to the same car auction to buy the same car.


We have 24 years combined experience and we pride ourselves on long term relationships with our customers.  Our objective is to find you a reliable carrier at a good price.   We hope this explanation guides you in the right direction.

We are here to answer your questions from 8am to 10pm Eastern Standard Time.

7 Tips To Ship Your Car And Save Money While Doing It.

1- Do not think you are talking directly to a carrier or the driver of the truck, everyone calling or emailing you is a broker, like I MOVE AUTO, which means we do not own the drivers nor the trucks.

 2- If some tell you they have a carrier confirmed always ask for (1) driver’s name (2) driver’s phone number (3) driver’s copy of his certificate of insurance.  Some brokers like to get paid first and then do their job. At I Move auto, you do not pay anything until a carrier is located and assigned to ship your vehicle.

3- Don’t be fooled!!  Your car will be posted on a load board called central dispatch,  It is a load board where all brokers post vehicles. In other words, it is an open market bidding system where brokers post cars that need to be moved and carriers call the orders they want to take. So until a carrier accepts your offer or makes a counteroffer, you still do not have a confirmed carrier.

4- You can name your price but you need a carrier to accept it for your car to move.   Basically, all these quotes you are getting are educated guesses, so do not get fooled by any broker that guarantees a price before they can give you the driver’s name and number.

5- You should always be in control as the price and dates must be approved by you, when carriers call us on your vehicle, they will either accept your offer or make a counteroffer on the price and/or date. At this point, you can accept it or pass on it. Only then, should you sign a contract and pay a deposit to lock it in.

6.  All carriers we use are licensed bonded and insured when they pick you up they will walk around the car and do a bill of lading just like when you rent car noticing any scratches or damages on the receiving end they do the same inspection any discrepancies you are fully covered 100% with o deductible to you., It is important you mark any damage on the bill of lading. You should always keep a carbon copy or a photograph of the bill of lading at both ends so you can do an insurance claim. Also, god forbid there is any damage on delivery take a picture or video with the damage and the driver pointing at it.

7- Whenever a broker says they have a carrier for you, always ask the 3 Golden questions  1) Do you have the carriers name 2) carrier’s phone number 3) the carrier’s copy of the certificate of insurance? If the answer is “no,” that means they do not have a carrier. 

Avoid Getting Scammed, 20 Questions Answered

1- Why quotes are just educated guesses and not guaranteed prices?

All the prices you are getting are educated guesses by a broker. None of the brokers can guarantee the final price on the first contact as there are still a couple of steps that need to take place before a confirmed carrier makes a firm offer.

2- How do I know I have a confirmed carrier?

Be careful with brokers telling you the have a truck ready to pick up your vehicle, whenever you have a confirmed carrier you should be able to ask the drivers’ name number and even a get a copy of his insurance. If they can not give you that info they do not have a confirmed carrier.

3- Why I should not sign a contract before I get the carrier’s name, number, and a copy of his insurance?

Some brokers like to get paid first and do their job later. However, this can be very risky for the customer. Basically, the brokers hope and pray they will get a carrier on the date promised and for the price offered. When they don’t get it, that’s when problems start by over-promising. Therefore, do not sign any contract or pay a deposit until you get the driver’s name, number, and copy of his insurance.

4- Am I covered by insurance?

You are covered 100% through the carrier insurance with 0 deductible to you when they pick up the driver will do a bill of lading notice any scratches or damages just like when you rent a car, upon delivery the same inspection will be made any discrepancies you’ll be covered 100% but you need to note it on the bill on lading, take pictures and do a claim before the drivers leave. Remember the driver’s insurance is the one that covers your car all claims must be done through him.

5- What is the transit time for my vehicle?

It depends on the route. The good news is when the carrier makes an offer, we will know the final price and an estimated time frame. Going cross country may take 7 to 10 days, neighboring states 2 to 3 days and 3 to 5 days on longer routes.

6- How can I check out your reviews of your company?

Transport reviews is the official place where you can check what people are saying about transport companies, Usually you find good reviews and bad about every company I always recommend to check for a balance, just like if you see a bad review about Walmart that will not stop you from waking in and buying a flat screen TV. Remember broker never touch your car but we are always to help you with any issue that may arise.

7- Why can’t I talk directly to a driver and skip the broker?

Drivers are on the road driving they do no go through 100 phone calls to book a 10 car load so brokers are the guys on the phones drivers the ones on the road. That is why brokers exist, as we are the ones behind a desk finding a carrier who is not only available, have space, does the exact route, but also can do the service during the dates the customer requested.

8- How do I pay?

Normally you pay a small lock down fee on any mayor card when you lock in the contract and the balance you pay it to the driver upon delivery on cash certified funds such as money orders or cashiers checks (no personal checks). If you want to pay everything with a card if includes a surcharge and you have to tell this before we start negotiating with carriers as the terms are usually more expensive.

9- How does central dispatch works?

Central Dispatch (CD) is the national loading board where we as brokers post the vehicles that need to be moved and carriers, in turn, call the orders they want to take. Once carriers make an offer on CD, customer can either accept the offer or pass on it. If accepted, we put the offer under contact. At that moment, the price and dates are final. Nothing can change.

10- Why should I work with only one broker?

All brokers and carriers work on the same load board, central dispatch. Therefore, it is important to work with only one broker because when you work with 2 or more brokers, your price will automatically go up since you end up out bidding against yourself. It is kind of like sending 2 guys to the same car auction to buy the same car.

11- Can I put personal items in my car?

Yes, the industry standard allows up to 100 pounds of personal items, preferably in the truck or in the back seat no higher than the window level. If you are going to add more than 100 pounds, we must be upfront with the driver so there are no surprises. They may ask for more money during negotiation if more than 100 lbs.

12- Do I have to be at the pickup and delivery location?

You may designate anyone to release the vehicle at pick up or receive it at delivery. You do not have to be there. However, we do need the name and phone number of the designated person for the contract. This way the carrier can call them before his arrival. As the last option, you may leave the car parked in a safe place with the keys hidden inside and the driver can pick it up.

13- What if another broker offered me a lower price?

Remember, in the preliminary stage, all prices from brokers are educated guesses. We can say the final price is $1 just to make you smile but we still need a carrier to accept it on the other side. This is why you have to be careful with low ballers who will try to lure you in. Do not go with the lowest quote just because it is the lowest number. That is usually the classic bait & switch some brokers do. To make it happen, we need a confirmed carrier accepting the price. At that moment, it’s the real deal and we put in under contract.

14- Is it more expensive if I need a specific date or do I get a better rate if I am flexible?

When the shipping dates are flexible, customers tend to get better rates as they are waiting for a carrier with an empty spot to be passing by. Some carriers are willing to drop the price just to fill an empty spot. So if you can give us a date range, the final price can be lower. When you want a specific date, the carrier has to schedule his route around your car. Hence, he’ll expect to be compensated at a higher price than on cars that have flexibility.

15- What happens if the car does not run & drive?

When your vehicle is a non-running vehicle, the carrier will have to use a winch to load it and it will take more time and effort, especially if he has to rearrange his vehicles on the truck since it will be more difficult for him. Keep in mind, not all drivers have a winch and the ones that do, charge more money. Usually, they charge about $100 more for non-running vehicles.

16- Can I save money if I choose a different pickup and/or delivery location? How about if I meet the driver somewhere?

To save money, you want to go from big city to big city since they usually operate from and to big cities. Their office hubs are in big cities. If that’s not possible, you want to be close to major interstates as drivers prefer to use them. If you meet the driver at a truck stop or anywhere more accessible, you may get a better rate.

17- Is the service door to door?

The service is door to door as long as the carrier’s truck can fit. If the location site is in a narrow street, a cul-de-sac, condo, or gated community, he may ask you to meet him in a larger street or big parking lot like at a Walmart or Home Depot.

18- Are pickup and delivery dates guaranteed?

The dates are not guaranteed since auto transportation is not a perfect science. However, 99% of the time, carriers are on time.

19- Why are so many broker calling, emailing, and texting me?

Once you place your inquiry online, it goes to 7 to 10 brokers. Therefore, you get multiple calls and emails. The good news is eventually it will go away.

20- What is the difference between an open and an enclosed carrier?

The main difference is that on enclosed trailers your vehicle is covered inside a container and is not exposed to the elements or debris. Nonetheless, the price is a lot more expensive. It may run you about $400 to $600 more for enclosed. 90% of the customers do open trailer unless their vehicles are race cars or show cars. When the vehicle is less than 4 inches off the ground, it is difficult to get it on an open trailer’s ramp and may cause problems. Otherwise, open trailer is the best cost-effective option. Even dealerships ship vehicles on open trailer.

10 Steps To Save Money While Shipping Your Car Safety

GETTING STARTED IS FREE: First thing is to understand that everyone calling or emailing you is a broker like I MOVE AUTO: which means we do not own the drivers nor the trucks. There is no up-front fee or deposit to look for a carrier.

PICK ONE BROKER: You have to work with just one broker as all brokers post vehicles on the same load board called Central Dispatch. If you work with 2 or more brokers, your price will automatically go up. It is like sending 2 guys to the same car auction to buy the same car.

NAME YOUR PRICE: All prices that you are getting now are educated guesses by brokers of what they think the final price will be. Remember, none of the brokers determine the final price since the carriers are the ones who do the job. You can name your price but we need a carrier to accept it on the other side.

GET OFFERS FROM CARRIERS: Once the carrier sees your vehicle posted, they start calling us and making offers. At this moment, you can accept it or pass on it.

ACCEPT AN OFFER: Once you like an offer, we’ll put it under contract. At that moment, the price and the dates are final. Nothing can change.

PAY A DEPOSIT TO LOCK IT IN. Once we have a confirmed carrier with a firm offer and you accept it, to lock it in, you pay a deposit on a credit or debit card. The deposit is part of the total price. Once we lock it in, you will immediately get via email the receipt, contract, and dispatch notice with the carrier’s information for you to contact.

COORDINATE WITH THE DRIVER: For pick up and delivery, the driver will call the day before and when he’s one hour away from the location. It’s always good practice to call the driver to introduce yourself and touch base.

SIGN THE BILL OF LADING: At pick up and delivery, the driver will ask the contact person on-site to sign a form called the Bill of Lading. It is recommended to keep a carbon copy or take a picture of the signed form.

PAY THE DRIVER: Upon delivery, pay the driver the remaining balance in cash or certified funds such as cashier’s check or money order.

ENJOY YOUR VEHICLE: Thank you for your business and have a nice day!!

Tips for Shipping Your Vehicle

There are many reasons why we may need to ship a vehicle from one part of the country to another. Depending on the reason there are certain things to consider.

Here are a few tips from us.

  1. Moving a car to a different State due to tax purposes or because you can get a better price buying out of State.  When you are looking at buying a car from another State always check first the cost of shipping the car back home to make sure the total cost makes sense.
  2. When you buy a Classic vehicle.  In this case you should consider choosing an enclosed carrier option for added protection and care.
  3. Moving to a different State.  You will most likely be using one company to ship your household items, and although they may offer an enclosed space to ship your car(s) as well, we suggest looking at the cost of shipping the car with a specialized company like ours.  This is because you will most likely get a better price when your car(s) are shipped as a group with other vehicles, rather than buying an enclosed space with your household items.
  4. Snowbirds – when you move to a different location at the start of the summer and the start of winter.  It’s a lot quicker to ship your cars and get back to the Sun as soon as possible. If you are shipping in the opposite direction you will likely be able to get a better deal.  Plus, the key to getting the best price is to ship slightly earlier or slightly later to avoid the bulk rush.
  5. If a family member is going away to college.  It is safer and easier to fly and have the car delivered after you/they have arrived.

If you have any questions or require any assistance don’t hesitate to call us at 302-268-9083.