I Move Auto is a company that supports all of your auto shipping needs. We have a combined 24+ years of experience in the Auto Shipping Industry. As experienced transport brokers, we cater to the novice shipper, as well as to the expert one. 

Over the years, we have clearly identified the most important things customers desire when shipping their vehicle. We are the kind of company that really works for our clients by putting their needs first. We continuously call and follow up, accordingly, so when a carrier is ready to pick up the vehicle, all details are set and communicated.

The goal of our company is to make the process of shipping simple and straightforward.  Whether our customers are moving across the country or buying a new vehicle, we work to make the process of shipping their car a satisfactory one. We use advanced software that allows us to forecast pricing trends and seasonal fluctuations in the auto shipping industry.  In addition, we build strong relationships with reliable and trustworthy carriers in order to deliver top quality service.

There are many reasons why people choose to ship their car instead of just driving it oneself.  Factors that come into play are not only safety concerns when driving, but also, the mileage incurred and common wear and tear of the vehicle during a trip. 

Please consider the following:  

No upfront fees, deposits or contracts until we find you a confirmed carrier.

We follow-up during the entire process from pick-up to delivery.

No hidden or additional charges.

100% full bumper-to-bumper insurance at no deductible for you.

We offer special pricing on multiple vehicles.

When shipping a vehicle, we are your best choice!