7 Tips To Ship Your Car And Save Money While Doing It.

1- Do not think you are talking directly to a carrier or the driver of the truck, everyone calling or emailing you is a broker, like I MOVE AUTO, which means we do not own the drivers nor the trucks.

 2- If some tell you they have a carrier confirmed always ask for (1) driver’s name (2) driver’s phone number (3) driver’s copy of his certificate of insurance.  Some brokers like to get paid first and then do their job. At I Move auto, you do not pay anything until a carrier is located and assigned to ship your vehicle.

3- Don’t be fooled!!  Your car will be posted on a load board called central dispatch,  It is a load board where all brokers post vehicles. In other words, it is an open market bidding system where brokers post cars that need to be moved and carriers call the orders they want to take. So until a carrier accepts your offer or makes a counteroffer, you still do not have a confirmed carrier.

4- You can name your price but you need a carrier to accept it for your car to move.   Basically, all these quotes you are getting are educated guesses, so do not get fooled by any broker that guarantees a price before they can give you the driver’s name and number.

5- You should always be in control as the price and dates must be approved by you, when carriers call us on your vehicle, they will either accept your offer or make a counteroffer on the price and/or date. At this point, you can accept it or pass on it. Only then, should you sign a contract and pay a deposit to lock it in.

6.  All carriers we use are licensed bonded and insured when they pick you up they will walk around the car and do a bill of lading just like when you rent car noticing any scratches or damages on the receiving end they do the same inspection any discrepancies you are fully covered 100% with o deductible to you., It is important you mark any damage on the bill of lading. You should always keep a carbon copy or a photograph of the bill of lading at both ends so you can do an insurance claim. Also, god forbid there is any damage on delivery take a picture or video with the damage and the driver pointing at it.

7- Whenever a broker says they have a carrier for you, always ask the 3 Golden questions  1) Do you have the carriers name 2) carrier’s phone number 3) the carrier’s copy of the certificate of insurance? If the answer is “no,” that means they do not have a carrier. 

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