10 Steps To Save Money While Shipping Your Car Safety

GETTING STARTED IS FREE: First thing is to understand that everyone calling or emailing you is a broker like I MOVE AUTO: which means we do not own the drivers nor the trucks. There is no up-front fee or deposit to look for a carrier.

PICK ONE BROKER: You have to work with just one broker as all brokers post vehicles on the same load board called Central Dispatch. If you work with 2 or more brokers, your price will automatically go up. It is like sending 2 guys to the same car auction to buy the same car.

NAME YOUR PRICE: All prices that you are getting now are educated guesses by brokers of what they think the final price will be. Remember, none of the brokers determine the final price since the carriers are the ones who do the job. You can name your price but we need a carrier to accept it on the other side.

GET OFFERS FROM CARRIERS: Once the carrier sees your vehicle posted, they start calling us and making offers. At this moment, you can accept it or pass on it.

ACCEPT AN OFFER: Once you like an offer, we’ll put it under contract. At that moment, the price and the dates are final. Nothing can change.

PAY A DEPOSIT TO LOCK IT IN. Once we have a confirmed carrier with a firm offer and you accept it, to lock it in, you pay a deposit on a credit or debit card. The deposit is part of the total price. Once we lock it in, you will immediately get via email the receipt, contract, and dispatch notice with the carrier’s information for you to contact.

COORDINATE WITH THE DRIVER: For pick up and delivery, the driver will call the day before and when he’s one hour away from the location. It’s always good practice to call the driver to introduce yourself and touch base.

SIGN THE BILL OF LADING: At pick up and delivery, the driver will ask the contact person on-site to sign a form called the Bill of Lading. It is recommended to keep a carbon copy or take a picture of the signed form.

PAY THE DRIVER: Upon delivery, pay the driver the remaining balance in cash or certified funds such as cashier’s check or money order.

ENJOY YOUR VEHICLE: Thank you for your business and have a nice day!!

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